About the slate dining table

It is often said that "the temperature of the dining table represents the temperature of the home", because the dining table carries the family's reunion, joy, loneliness, and companionship, and is the warmest place in the home.

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About the slate dining table

Two years of slate is too windy! But I have to say that it is really wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and high-temperature resistant, saves cleaning time, and is uncomfortable to drink coffee

This desktop is only 3mm, and it feels delicate and high-end. Solid ash wood legs have the best load-bearing capacity and shape of the table legs. Simple but with a sense of design, you can also eat a high-end meal

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About Green Dining Chairs

I really like green. It has a quiet and fresh feeling. Also relieves visual fatigue

This chair is soft and comfortable. The biggest feature is that it is detachable, easy to clean, and the backrest can be adjusted according to yourself.

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Beautiful EAT DESK and chairs can add warmth and ambience to your home