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Haoxin Furniture has been focusing on the production of dining tables and chairs for 20 years. The factory is directly operated, saving you more than 20% of the purchase cost; size, color, material, carving, decoration, style, etc. can be ordered according to customer requirements (free design plan) Make your own product!
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The strength of Haoxin furniture
Haoxin Furniture is specialized in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of modern solid wood and serious of marble with dining table & chair, Our products are exported all over the world, especially in America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, we also have high popularity of the industry in our country. Want to know more about us? Please contact us.

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HaoXin furniture accepts OEM and ODM service in various of dining tables & chairs & coffee tables.
Dining tables are designed for formal dining, they are normally made in small size with 4 seats for a small family, 6 or 8 seats for big family or large space, you can also customize the bigger size for gatherings. They come in different shapes and materials to meet specific dining needs and aesthetics.
High-quality and classic designs make your dining table more durable and expressive in life.
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Foshan Haoxin Furniture Company is located in one of the towns of furniture, Nanhai, Foshan.

Our company is specialized in design, manufacturing, and marketing modern solid wood and series of marble with dining table & chairs and living room furniture.

Through protracted and unremitting efforts, the company scale and business scope are expanding day by day, while the workshop area is surpass 150,000 square meters. Haoxin has more than 200 employees and a Supply Ability of 100000 Pieces per Month. Fast shipping.
Application scenarios
Office building
Coffee shop
Tea Room
Each marble tabletop must be mirror-treated after being cut, so as to maintain the high luminosity of the stone, less pollution, and more vivid colors. The edge of the cut Dali round table top is sharp and uneven, and it needs to be smoothed by machine and artificially. In order to make the texture of the desktop more delicate and smooth, it is necessary to continuously change the sandpaper of different specifications to polish. The more smooth the edges and corners of the Dali round table are, the more it can reflect its safety and beauty, and the appreciation degree is also greatly increased.
What is Sintered Stone?
Sintered Stone is a manufactured product made from a base of natural stone. It is fired at a high temperature above 1200°C and can withstand cutting, drilling, grinding, and other processing processes. Sintered Stone is full of incredible benefits which make it one of the best materials you can buy for worktops and other projects.
Material selection?
1. Ash wood is produced in North America, Russia, and parts of Europe, its beautiful appearance, the glossiness is very high, can be very clear in ash wood furniture to see neat staggered wood grain, the surface of furniture products is very smooth.  2. Ash wood material density is relatively high, so the strength and hardness are relatively high, and then high bearing force, not easy to deformation, very suitable for the production of furniture, can be used to collect and display.  3. Light color, good coating effect, no peculiar smell.
The process of dining table and chair
Cutting Material
Cover Leather
Marble process
Cutting Material
sweep oil (resin)
Water Polishing
How to choose a suitable dining table for home use
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