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Haoxin Furniture has been focusing on the production of dining tables and chairs for 20 years. There are partners from Australia, UK, Japan, Singapore, and other countries. We support OEM&ODM, contact me to know more.
We are looking for suitable furniture distributors or partners all over the world. We are from China and provide services worldwide.
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customize dining table chairs
customize dining table chairs
Customers mainly do online sales of whole house furniture, do their own original brand design, the product is easy to install, small size, easy to express delivery, in the past mainly sales of bedding, later found us to develop dining tables and chairs, because we have more than 20 years of experience, solid wood dining tables and chairs is our advantage.
Client find us on our website, Learn about the strength of our factory. It took one month for the product development to confirm the sampling.
After three sample confirmations, the customer made original products, but the idealization of the customer was different from our actual operation. The drawings were modified repeatedly, and each sample was sent back and forth for confirmation for 2 months.
As a result, it took half a year from inception to bulk order confirmation. Bulk order to shipment, for half a year. During this period, we need to conduct weekly video conference to communicate the progress of the products. Now the products are sold well on the customer's website,cheers!
customize dining table chairs
Korean Style Chair
Mexican-style restaurants have branches in Derby, Southampton, Oxford, Sheffield, Yorkshire, etc. in the UK.
Customers found us through our website. After a long period of communication, they learned that Haoxin Furniture has the ability to undertake this order. After the samples were sent to the customer, and after repeated communication, the customer's requirements were finally met and cooperation was reached.
Our Certifications
As a original furniture manufacturer, HAOXIN has passed ISO45001, ISO9001, ISO14001 and some other basic certifications, as well as some product patents. For some special requirements, such as FSC, CE, CSA, CAFR, UKFR, etc., we also have plenty of similar experience and we are confident to meet the various needs of our customers.
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The production and manufacturing of wooden chairs is a complicated task which takes time and requires ingenuity.

Whether it concerns the everyday dining chairs in your kitchen or the elegant restaurant chairs in a commercial venue, the production process is long and includes many steps from the selection of wood material to actually assembling the piece.

The main aim is to ensure that the finished product looks amazing, is comfortable, and able to withstand use for many years. Beautiful designs are very subjective and come down to personal opinion, however, regarding the standard of quality and durability, most people would agree they’d prefer a chair that can stand the test of time.

Today we’ll take you through the process of manufacturing a wooden chair and the strenuous efforts it demands.
Application scenarios of chairs
Coffee shop
Tea Room
How to choose the perfect dining chair?
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Sofa, bed, table are always less pleasing than a perfect chair. It's funny how often just a classic designer chair can transform an ordinary space into stunning.
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