What the dining table means for the family?

The hottest place in a home is above the dining table.


The taste is satisfied, the wine has a story, and the story has you and me.

[Light luxury, simple, composed atmosphere]

This new Chinese light luxury North American ash SLATE dining table,

In the hardcover room of Italian style CONTRACTED wind is also super good-looking.

Fine North American pewter is very textured, the texture is clear, four solid legs support the tabletop, smooth.

Solid structure, and neat lines, is a classic inheritance!

The table is very spacious.


As the use area of high frequency in the home, a big long table is super good to use

Friends most come to play a board game, and put on a script to kill ~~

You can also be a workbench, design drawings, all kinds of data can be spread out, let you create.

"Children write and draw" can also be found here, on the rock slab countertop,

Crayon doodles can be wiped away without leaving a mark.

Meal point dining, family sitting around the dinner, laughter between the enjoyment of food, feel pure happiness.

[Rock board table top, hardcore material]


The rock slab texture of the table top is specially fired,

Ink grain is very beautiful, high sense

Touch up is matte matte ground sand material is QUALITATIVE, exquisite simple sense is absolutely really

It's stain-proof, it's very wearable, it's easy to take care of

And inhibit mold, the use of environmental protection and health, no problem at ease.