Rattan and Wood Lounge Kangaroo Chair

Enter casual afternoon tea time - Make a cup of tea, sit on the kangaroo chair, and savor the aroma of tea and books

Distinguished by its Z-shaped profile, the Kangaroo Chair features a comfortable pitch and wide, welcoming seat.

The kangaroo chair and round coffee table go perfectly together. Its simple appearance is simple but full of design sense. The details of the Kangaroo Chair Recliner legs reflect the texture of design and quality. On the chaise longue is a special presence.

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Pierre Jeanneret Kangaroo Chair

Designed by Pierre Jeanneret, the Kangaroo Chair was originally created for the capital city of Chandigarh, India, which Jeanneret architected in collaboration with his famed cousin Le Corbusier. The chair’s design contrasts clean, geometric lines with material warmth, combining a solid wood frame with Viennese cane details. Now produced by Cassina, this low-slung seat is part of the Italian manufacturer’s Homage to Pierre Jeanneret Collection. Choose from teak and oak finishes. Made in Italy.

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The frame is made of solid wood + rattan, the structure is stable, the wood color is warm, the texture is clear, and the texture is delicate

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The overall shape of the chair back and seat surface is made of rattan weave, and the frame is made of warm-toned ash wood. The craftsmanship is rich in architectural aesthetics. Even if it is placed alone, it looks good.

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Stable bottom structure The bottom of the chair body is reinforced with new crosspieces, and the edges are rounded and rounded to provide reliable support. Such a rattan reclining chair

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The folding line shape frame of the chair body adopts the folding line shape, scientific force, more stability, and more comfortable to lean on.

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