Customers From Israeli Customers From Israeli
Customers From Israeli

A purchasing representative from a foreign trade company in Foshan contacted me through Website. After preliminary communication, I learned that he has an Israeli customer who needs to purchase table, dining chair and other furniture for the hotel restaurant project. According to the pictures he provided, we learned that the products are completely different from our regular products, so we can only help the customer to customize. In the process of order negotiation, I learned that the customer has a high requirement on the material of the product due to it is used in a restaurant in a star-rated hotel, so that we decided to use ash wood, which is a good wood for customization. The sample is made first, and the mass order will be placed after the customer's confirmation.

1. According to customer's requirements, first draw the drawings for customer's confirmation, and immediately arrange production after customer's confirmation of the drawings.

2. The customer was satisfied with the sample and placed a large order to us after the sample checked.

3. In the later stage, we followed up the logistics information and timely fed back to the customer. Our service made the customer satisfied, and the customer said that they would choose to cooperate with our company in the future



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