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Customer From Fiji

The boss of a foreign trade company from India contacted me through  Website. After preliminary communication, he learned that he had a Fijian client who needed to purchase the whole house supporting furniture for the project order of the model room of the villa project. However, according to the pictures and style pictures she provided, there are shoe cabinet, bed,mattress nightstand, lounge chair, sofa, sofa cum-bed, couch, dining table, dining chair, coffee table. Vases and carpets are basically our regular products, while some vases and carpets need to be purchased from the market. During the negotiation, we learned that the customer has special requirements on the material of the products. As Fiji is an island country with a humid climate, the sofa and bed should be made of cotton and linen instead of leather. The customer watched the samples of our exhibition hall by video with his Fijian customer in our factory, selected the styles, and then selected the cloth version. Finally, the customer confirmed and agreed to purchase from our company.

1. After finishing the goods, the customer will send the QC to inspect the goods. If there are any defects in the goods, we will record them and help the customer solve them.

2. After our colleagues install the products of each style, the QC will take photos and send them to the Fijian customer for confirmation. The loading time will be determined after the goods are satisfied with the inspection.

3. In the later stage, we followed up the logistics information and timely fed back to the customer. Our service made the customer satisfied, and the customer said that they would choose to cooperate with our company in the future



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