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Customer From Angolan

A customer from Angola, Africa, contacted me on Web Station through a sales representitive of a Foshan Import and Export Co., LTD. After preliminary communication with him, he said his customer in Angola has a project order for a wedding, which requires a white soft seat wedding chair with a buckle. However, the wedding chair style picture provided by the foreign trade company is different from our regular models, because our factory has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing dining table and chair, so I told the customer that we can customize this wedding chair for him. After receiving his information such as quantity, material requirements, size, packaging, painting technology, I put these materials into the company's price check table. Then quote to the customer. However, I didn't get any reply from the customer for about ten days. Later, I found QQ, the only contact information that the customer was willing to leave, and contacted him. After a communication, I learned that his Angolan customer wanted to change the wedding chair to another model. I quote him the price and after a few days get the customer's order confirmation.

1. First make a sample order, and then make a large order after the inspection if the goods meet the standard.

Customer requirements: Customized according to the pictures provided by him,the chair should be made of economical rubber wood and white velvet fabric.

Our craft colleagues drew CAD drawings according to the style pictures provided by the customer and gave them to the customer for confirmation. After the customer confirmed, we started to make the sample. During this period, I sent the photos and videos of the sample to the customer for confirmation. After continuous modification, the sample finally came out.

2. After the foreign trade company confirmed with its Angolan customer that it was meet their standard, it began to place an order of 344 pieces of a 40-foot container to us.

After we received the order deposit, we started to produce the mass production according to the corrected platen plate data. When the customers came to inspect the goods after the mass production were finished, some small defects were found due to the white velvet fabric was easier to hide dust and the black dust was in obvious contrast, we finally cleaned it with detergent and successfully packed it and loaded them in container. Finally, according to the customer's request, we provided relevant documents and completed the project order.



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